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We invite you to relive a part of Hawaiian History and walk in the footsteps of the Ali‘i (Chief, Royalty) as you experience a traditional Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Tour! Learn about the illegal occupation of Hawai‘i and the overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy in 1893. Participate in traditional Hawaiian Chants (oli) as you paddle our canoe (hoe wa’a) along the south coast of Maui…while taking in breathtaking views of Haleakala, West Maui Mountains, Lana‘i, Kaho‘olawe/Kanaloa, and Molokini! Paddle our canoe to Turtletown off Wailea Point and see the honu and honu‘ea (Hawaiian Green Sea & Hawksbill Turtles) that frequent this beautiful area! Swim with the turtles if you’d like or watch as they swim alongside the canoe!


Learn about the Polynesian Voyagers as they sailed the Polynesian Triangle (New Zealand to Rapa Nui to Hawaii) using Celestial navigation/wayfinding.


In honoring the wisdom and knowledge passed on by generations from our ancestors, we are inspired to share the wisdom, values and traditions that sustained the Hawaiian culture in the past…and into the future…!


Your journey departs beautiful Wailea Beach, in south Maui! Wailea in ancient Hawaii translated to ”Waters of Sacred Happiness”! Come join us for an unforgettable experience for the whole family!

Art & Tradition of Hawaiian Outrigger Canoes

Known for their long, angular build, the outrigger canoe is one of the most recognizable sights of Hawaii’s shores. Originally used for fishing, war, travel, and commerce, outriggers have shaped the very trajectory of Hawaiian culture. The shores of Maui are home to some of the world’s best professional and amateur outrigging clubs, with legendary coastline and near-perfect conditions.

Traditional Chants (Oli)

A combination of oral history, poetry, and song, the Oli are one of our oldest traditions. Originally intended as a means to pass knowledge down through generations, these songs are the lifeblood of our culture. At HOE, we are honored to share them with you during your time on our waters. When we talk story, we do so with the Oli.

Ancient Myths, Legends & Facts

It has been said that no other culture in history has such a strong and intertwined existence with the ocean. The integral role of outriggers in shaping the trajectory of that culture is proof of this. As with any shaping force, though, they are shrouded in myth, legend, and fact. It’s our honor to dispell some of these myths while continuing to build others.

About Us

(E pili ana ia makou)

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